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Halftime Foods Bars Shaking Up DC Food Scene

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WASHINGTON (October 2016) -- In 2013, Vianesa Vargas was working as a nutritionist in Washington, D.C. and started making energy bars for her clients. They were always on the go, skipping meals and Vargas wanted to make sure they had something that was convenient, but met the high health standards that she coached. Her clients began raving about much better the bars were than to everything else on the market. After a few taste tests with her co-workers, Vargas was convinced that this was something that could sell and make a difference, and Halftime Foods was born.

“I got into one farmer’s market in Springfield, Va. and found that the biggest selling point was my background as a nutritionist,” Vargas said. “One of my customers was a running store owner who was having a race. He placed an order for 500 bars for his race, so we started cooking and over a period of two days made the bars. Of course, the racers loved them.”

Two years later, Vargas had expanded the operation to three farmer’s markets in the D.C. area, tripling sales. The bars grew in popularity thanks to strong word-of-mouth marketing and their combination of unrivaled taste and equally desirable health benefits. Now, Halftime Foods is looking to take its movement of clean, healthy eating across the region.

Benefits of Halftime Foods Bars

  • Keeps you full
  • No sugar crash
  • No additives
  • No fillers
  • No preservatives
  • No trans fats - all fats come from the nut butters and other plant-based sources
  • Low in sodium
  • Perfect for diabetics, gluten-free diets and other strict diet concerns
  • Great taste

There is no other bar on the market that can make all of these claims. After starting out with just one flavor three years ago, Halftime Foods now has six unique flavors - including a nut-free version - that all are held to the same quality, health and taste standards.

Halftime Foods will be participating in its final farmer’s market this November before its regional launch at MetroCooking DC, December 3-4, 2016. Vargas currently working with several retail outlets to bring the bars to a larger audience in early 2017.


Press Contact
Alex Bryant
BA Strategies

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