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About Halftime

Our beginning

In 2013, I wanted to find quick meal solutions for my clients, busy professionals who often skipped lunch.  My husband, a recent graduate of culinary school challenged me to make a bar that was not only nutritious, but tasty as well.  I tested the flavor with neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues, and after four months of testing, Chunky Choc-potle was born.Original Halftime with raspberries

It was now time to deliver to clients.  I made them in a single pan, wrapped them in plastic, and delivered to clients as part of their meal plans.   I called the bar Halftime, as I would often educate my clients about the correlation between what they do, and what an athlete does, and that is refuel at the half, or lunchtime in their case.  They were an instant hit because they didn't cause sugar crashes--rather a steady stream of energy that lasted for several hours.  One of my clients loved them so much that he convinced me to sell them.

We started out slow, with a single farmer's market in Springfield, VA.  With a lack of brand recognition, we struggled until meeting one key customer, Mark Russell, owner of Metro Run Walk and organizer of some of the most popular distance races in the area.  He placed a bulk order for an upcoming run, and word of mouth started to spread once racers tasted the product, then told their friends.  We moved from a single farmer's market to two, then three.  Then invitations to sell bars at local races, stores, and other large events in the metro D.C., MD, and VA areas came pouring in.

Where we are

Currently, we sell the bars at gyms in our area.  Based upon feedback from our customers, we grew from a single flavor to six, and still keep the promise that none of our flavors cause sugar crashes.  They are still gluten-free with no additives, fillers, or preservatives.  In fact, every flavor except Chunky Choc-potle is tested, cooked, packaged, and quality-controlled in our state-inspected home kitchen.  The decision to utilize a co-packer for our top seller was based on the demand for the flavor, but none of its qualities are compromised.    

Over the past three years, our customers have provided honest feedback which made Halftime an awesome product.  I constantly seek to create flavors that are not only nutritionally satisfying, but something that you can look forward to eating.  

They really are delicious nutrition for people on the go!

Where we are going

Halftime continues to be incredibly popular in the metro D.C. area.  We recently decreased our farmer's market presence from four markets back to one, and will increase our online presence over 2016, followed by regional distribution in 2017.  

We also plan to have a presence in our home state of CA; if that proves successful, then the story will continue...

Please call me if you have any questions about Halftime.  I'd love to hear from you:  703-407-2070.

I can also be reached via email at: